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(an apéritif is meant to stimulate the appetite, the drink should be very dry (low in sugar), since sugar actually limits our appetite, as well as low in alcohol - High alcohol also dulls our taste buds. Classic aperitifs are drinks such as dry vermouth, gin, bubbly, and dry white wine. If you were looking for a cocktail to start the night, a dry martini would be perfect.)
Dry white wine – Chablis, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc
Hors D`oeuvre
(appetizer or starter is a small dish served before a meal.) Dry white wine or a Rose`.  
Dry Sherry or the dry wine which is to follow
Coopers pale ale, Kosciuszko Pale Ale, Dry white wine – Chardonnay , Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc
Poultry, Veal or Light Entrees
Hawkers Pilsner, same as fish or a full bodied Riesling – even a light red
Highly flavoured Chicken & Turkey
Nine Tails Amber Ale, as above or a late picked Riesling or Spatlese style, dulcet
Beef – Lamb
Dry Red Claret Style - Shiraz, Bordeaux Red, Beaujolais or Chianti
Beer – Amber Ale or White Rabbit dark Ale 
Duck, Goose, Pork & Game
Little Creatures IPA, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chateau Neuf-du Pape
Little Creatures IPA, Full flavoured red wine, a port or a Pedro Xminex Sherry
Sauternes late picked Spatlese style, Auslese, Botrytis or a sparkling wine. Beer – Praline by la Sirene -  Pedro Xminex Sherry – Jack of Spades Porter 
V.S.O.P. Brandy, Liqueur, Port or a fortified N.E. Vic wine.
(at this point in the evening, with a full stomach, just a touch of sweetness and a higher alcohol percentage is welcomed as the drink helps our bodies settle the meal and bring everything to a close. In the digestif arena, options abound, from smooth whiskey and bourbon to brandy, port, sherry, and liqueur.) 
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The American Creswick