Fruit Cakes

(Most cakes are available in 12, 10, 7 & 5 inch)

Orange and Almond Fruit Cake

Orange & Almond

A traditional orange and almond cake coated with golden syrup, then topped with caramelised orange slices and roasted almond flakes.

Bananarama Fruit Cake


A banana sponge cake containing fresh ripened bananas, with layers of cream cheese, decorated with pecan halves, banana chips and topped with crushed Californian walnut pieces.

Hummingbird Fruit Cake


A duo layered banana cake with apricot & pineapple filling, masked with cream cheese, then decorated with a cluster of mixed fruits, including chopped apricots, prunes, apples, papaya and pumpkin seeds.

Banana and Mango Fruit Cake

Banana & Mango

A banana sponge cake combined with cream cheese and sweet smooth mango halves; a real enticement.